ok to be fair i think we need this in smash:image

i remember being like 11 when i saw link take his shirt off and i got all red and fussy and mom asked me what wrong and i said “he needs to put his shirt back on, or never wear a shirt again i dont know im confused” and she laughed so hard and i didnt understand why she thought my flusteredness was funny.

turns out she was laughing at my sexual development

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Just a reminder



Killing white people is not murder.  Its justice.

White women can’t be raped.  Only the oppressed can be raped.

White women have no right to reject the advances of POC.  STFU and put out.  

Disagreement with this makes you unfit to live in modern society. 

i really hope they’re trolling, surely no one can actually be this ignorant.

judging by their name “fuckyeahdearcrackers” im gonna go with duper ignorant. its about equality……not justice for only one race


So last night my mum wouldn’t let me have any sweets because she said they were all for the trick or treaters so i put this mask on and went out the back door and went around to the front and said trick or treat and she didn’t recognize me and she said “since i don’t think we’ll be getting any more tonight you can have the rest of this bag my daughter will have them otherwise” and then i went back in

i love myself

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